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Women's Program


Women want a good love life, too!

It often seems that every time you turn on the radio you hear a commercial for another clinic specially designed to treat male sexual dysfunction. We knew that our program would be specially focused on the needs of women too. Many women have a hard time expressing their desire for a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.  Our goal is to make it easy for you to reach out to us. Our programs have a high level of success and are presented in a comfortable environment.

As much as women want a good love life, there are factors that occur in a woman’s life that can prevent this from being the reality. Childbirth, menopause and other conditions can significantly hinder a woman’s ability to have a happy love life. Common issues that we treat include:

  • Physical issues: vaginal dryness or need for lubrication
  • Pain disorders: pain during sexual relations
  • Sexual issues arising from cancer treatment
  • Desire disorders (lack of libido or sex drive)
  • Orgasmic disorders: difficulty reaching climax
  • Arousal disorders: difficulty becoming excited
  • Emotional Counseling


At UroligistOKC, You Can:

  • Gain up-to-date and non-judgemental information about human sexuality and enhancement
  • Work toward achieving a more fulfilling sexual life
  • Obtain an understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of the physical basis of sexual problems and functioning, including:
    • Identifying the physical causes of sexual problems and developing appropriate treatments
    • Identifying the sexual side effects of medications you are taking
    • Identifying the sexual side effect of lifestyle issues such as smoking, drinking, or lack of exercise
    • Identifying and negotiating the sexual problems associated with physical illness or incapacity
    • Identifying and attending to the effects of major medical treatments on sexual functioning, for example, breast surgery, debilitating or disfiguring illness
  • Obtain an understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of the psychological, relationship, and social basis of sexual problems, including:
    • Problems with sexual desire, sexual arousal, lack of lubrication, orgasm, and sexual pain
  • We fully recognize that many times couples would like to work together to solve issues and always honor the wishes of partners who seek the value of couples therapy.
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