What You Need to Know Before Your Medical Exam

There is nothing embarrassing about sexual health. In fact, we’ll talk openly, and you should too. It’s a private conversation between you and your medical provider. In fact, we are happy that you have decided to take the next step to reach out toward a more fulfilling life!

We say this because we depend on our patients, to be honest with our professionally trained staff. It’s how we get results. Many factors affect your sexual health, and we can get our best results if you are open and honest with us. Rest assured: your visit is entirely confidential and we take patients’ privacy rights very seriously.

What should you bring to the exam?

  • Medical History and List of Medications: We custom-blend your medication so whenever possible we want to know what conditions or medications might be contributing to your condition.
  • Driver’s License
  • Feel free to bring your spouse if you want - any they are comfortable with it


Is my exam covered by insurance?

In many cases, your insurance may cover your testing, blood work, and some treatments, however, our office does not file insurance or accept insurance payments. We will give you the appropriate paperwork with the correct coding so that you may file your receipts for reimbursement.

If husbands and wives come together are they treated separately?

In some cases, each spouse is treated individually - however, it all depends on each couple’s needs. During the initial exam we’ll talk about your goals and determine short term and long term goals.


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